Digital Marketing Skills
Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing Skills:

Being a digital marketer, you can earn a good amount of money as a freelancer. Now some of you do not know about freelancing. Lets me tell you in short.

Freelancing means selling your services (Skills) on some sites such as Fiverr,, freelancer, etc. This is only possible when you have some skills so that you can offer them to people. now In this article, we will explain the top 5 Digital marketing skills that are most needed to learn in 2022 to become a successful freelancer.

Learning new skills is very essential to becoming the master of this game. Hope you understand šŸ˜€

Here We Learn:

  1. Remove background from images
  2. Install WordPress on VPS
  3. Generate SEO report for any website
  4. Create animated stories for Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp
  5. Do the topic and keyword research

Lets Get Started

1:Remove background from images:

Removing background from images is the topmost requirement of people these days. There are a great number of reasons that people need to remove the background of their images. Some of them are :

  • Remove Unwanted object
  • Most Requried to put on CV
  • Most Website required image with blue backgroud
  • Bost the visual of your image

How to Remove background image:

Removing the image background is very easy. we will learn in a few seconds. I Will tell you a very good website where you can easily remove your image background. is a very good website to remove the background of the image.
just open the site and upload your photo. Bhoom!! Your image background will remove in a sec.

Digital Marketing Skills

2:Digital Marketing Skills: Install WordPress on VPS

If you want to become a successful freelancer you must learn to install WordPress on VPS. Installing WordPress on any hosting Cpanel is easy but installing on VPS is not as simple as Cpanel and also complex.

People mostly cannot install it by themselves, so they go to some freelancer websites and look for a person who can solve their problem and install WordPress On VPS.

There are a large number of hosting VPS which is providing services but here we will discuss how to install onĀ Contabo VPS. I have already discussed the installation process of this. Click here to learn.

3:Generate SEO report for any website:

In This Digital Zone, There are a lot of small websites which do not know how to generate their SEO report or just do not want to do it by themselves.

You can earn a good amount of money from it because it is soo much easy.Let’s see

Go to SEO Analyzer

Digital Marketing Skills

Simply Enter the URL Of the website in the search box and click on the review button and get the result immediately

You will get the info like this:

  • SEO (Tag, meta description, meta keywords, headings, and more)
  • XML Sitemap, WWW Resolve, Robot.txt file, and more.
  • WhoIS Data
  • Index Pages
  • Backlinks and Interlinks
  • URL, Favicon, Custom 404 Pages, and more.Ā 
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Domain and Typo Availability
  • Mobile Usability
  • Tech with which the site was developed (WordPress, for example)
  • Visitors worth, and rank, and geolocation

You can easily get this data and send it to your client and complete the order and get money.

4: Create Instagram Animated Stories-Digital Marketing Skills:

You can also generate a good amount of money by designing or creating an animated story for Facebook and Instagram. There are many people which are looking for good content for their pages or accounts. It’s time for you to help them and earn money. You can do this easily with little practice. We have already discussed this in another article. Click Here to learn how you can do this easily.

5:Topic and keyword research- Digital Marketing Skills:

You can also help people by doing topic research and by finding good keywords for them to get ranked on google and earn money. Most are unfamiliar with how to rank on google so they take help from others and you can help them by doing research from them. Here are some tools which you can use to do the research.

  • Semrush
  • Ahref
  • Moz


Digital marketing is the topmost rated now these days. you can earn good money by learning some good Digital Marketing Skills. So stop wasting your time and dive into the digital era to get success.


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