Medical Technology

Medical Technology

Medical technology, or medical technology, is every product, service, or solution that uses medical technology to improve people’s health by preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease.

For this reason, medical technology products are essential to improve the patient’s quality of life.
Nowadays, medical technology has become so common and so integrated into our daily lives that it is hard to imagine living without this technology. For example, early diagnostic tools can be used to prevent disease, and diagnosis helps doctors identify specific conditions and provide treatment early. It is said that the information is the most powerful tool against disease

The world is witnessing dire consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical technology saves thousands of lives by using medical devices (respirators), in vitro diagnostic devices (for example, rapid PCR test kits), and digital health devices that use information and communication technologies to inform the population how to protect themselves from the Corona virus and how to avoid its spread.

Advantages of medical technology

Communication systems in healthcare hospitals

  • There are plenty of devices designed for patients who call doctors or nurses. These types of digital devices are made for patients who are placed in patient rooms or wards in hospitals.
  • In an emergency situation, patients can click the button of these devices. He informs the doctors or nurses in time to come to the patient.
  • This is one of the main advantages of the technology for patients and doctors. With this type of device, and without wasting time, the doctor can reach patients and save their lives.

Hospital healthcare improvement technology

  • There are a lot of technological devices and equipment that have improved the health care or treatment of patients.
  • Portable defibrillator, drug management technology, magnetic resonance imaging system and electronic IV monitors are the new technological devices that have improved patient health care.

Hospital patients’ electronic health records

  • The patient’s health records are now stored in the computers. Patients’ complete health records are stored on a computer mostly in hospitals or also with specialists.
  • Patient health records are stored in the database or on cloud servers.
  • Keeping records in a computerized system is faster than the paperwork. It takes less time instead of the paper records.

Disadvantages of medical technology

Here are the disadvantages of medical technology for people:

Increasing the cost of treatment for patients

  • The increasing cost of treatment is also one of the drawbacks of medical technology.
  • Often all treatments and surgeries through technology are very expensive, such as robotic surgery, and other types of technological instrument surgeries are very expensive.
  • Most of the patients come from rural areas and are poor. For poor patients, it is impossible to pay for expensive surgeries.
  • Technology has increased health care but it has also increased the cost of it. Which is impossible for patients to pay?

Display the wrong result for the patient’s condition

  • One of the downsides to medical technology is that sometimes machines or technological devices give a false result. Sometimes the exact result of patients is not shown to the doctor.
  • Technological machines are made by engineers and the programmers. Sometimes bugs and errors come into it. Then it did not work properly.
  • If it shows a wrong result and the doctor gives a wrong diagnosis to the patients, it puts the patient’s life at risk.
  • This is one of the most serious shortcomings of medical technology for patients

Lack of information for patients

  • Lack of information is also a drawback of medical technology. Security and privacy are some hospital laws to protect patient privacy.
  • But through technology, this law can be a break.
  • Patient information stored in hospitals’ computer database can be a leak.
  • Computer systems can be hacked and confidential information about a patient’s treatment can be stolen and also can be altered.
  • If someone changes the entire history of a patient’s treatments. Therefore, it can pose a risk to the patient’s following treatments.

Consume recovery time

  • The machines and technological tools used in the hospital to treat and examine patients are made by engineers and programmers.
  • If there is some kind of defects and errors. Therefore, no one could fix it because they did not have the knowledge to restore and repair this device.
  • It requires a specific person who has knowledge of it. The engineers who made it. He can fix it.
  • Therefore, it takes a lot of time to repair and restore machines.



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