Mediterranean diet: Why the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world

Fast facts on the Mediterranean diet There is no single diet called the Mediterranean diet. It consists of the foods from a number of countries and regions including Spain, Greece and Italy. This is what the Mediterranean diet is made of The Mediterranean diet focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables – mostly water-based types that … Read more

What is Quantum Computing, History and Applications

What is Quantum Computing Quantum computing is the process of using quantum mechanics to solve complex and massive processes quickly and efficiently. Since classical computers are used to perform classical arithmetic operations, similarly, a quantum computer is used to perform quantum computations. Quantum computations are so complex that they are nearly impossible to solve using … Read more

What is RPA? History And Applications

What is RPA? RPA is an automation technology that allows you to eliminate repetitive tasks in a digital environment. To do this, it uses robots and software that have been trained to mimic the actions of human employees to perform various tasks. These can be data entry in the CRM systems, automated invoicing, text recognition, … Read more